About us

About us

Our Company

Nubia was born in 2005 when its creator and president Jose Maria Garrido sold the canning company of fruits and vegetables, Halcón Foods SL, of which he was president and son of the founder, and decided to create an agency of agents primarily representing Spanish products food sector in the face of foreign markets. Not forgetting some foreign products with high market impact Supply. Running both suppliers and customers marks.

Mission & Vision

Based on our extensive portfolio of customers around the world mainly founded on the many years of successful work of our president as head of Halcon Foods SL and subsequent research work done by the staff of Nubia Foods SL, our mission is to analyze, visit and represent Spanish producers who want to present their products in foreign market without ignoring certain products that are not produced in our country but they are highly sought after by both producers and consumers.


Aware of the extremely competitive world in which we move our focus is to offer the best products at the most competitive prices, easy to say but complex to implement by the large number of existing manufacturers producing very good quality. Therefore we focus on those who produce high quality globally certificated evidence of their production certificates such as BRC, IFS, etc.